I've got this new toothbrush.
It's like cleaning my teeth with a razorblade;
but in a good way.

“Where are your shoes?”
Says a girl opposite me on the bus.
I nod towards the bus driver, who turns, smiles and winks.
“He has them” I say
“I swapped them for this toothbrush”

“Where are you going?” She asks.
“Kilburn” I reply.

In normal circumstances that would have killed the conversation,
but luckily my gums were bleeding;
she was intrigued.

We spoke for a while,
until we reached Kilburn.
I stood up to leave,
but passed out,
before I could get off the bus.

I have faint memories of her stealing my wallet,
but obviously,
as someone without any shoes,
she didn't find much.

She did however,
steal my toothbrush,
which, though the root of today's problems,
was the only one I had.